In my opinion, there is a big difference between being religious and being close to God.

For me, being religious is much easier. For example:

“Don’t forget to pray” Ok.

“Don’t forget to go to church” Ok.

“Would you forgive that person?” Errr… wait… what?

Because being religious means we are required to follow rules, some of them may be a result of local custom and culture.

On the other hand, trusting God requires more than just following the stated regulation. It means that we need to let go of our grudge, to forgive. To love others.

But you know what?

Sometimes we claim ourselves as religious individuals but forget to love others.

Maybe we are wearing our religious accessories, but then we mock others just because they have different beliefs.

“Oh just kill yourself”.


Is it what God has told you to do?

Isn’t God, in his very nature, is love?

Then why would we say something so hateful with a possibility to hurt people?

Maybe we just… forget.

But hopefully we don’t forget a lot.

Hopefully we learn to be better everyday, without claiming ourselves as the righteous ones.

Abigail Tessa