When Hard Time Comes

Life is a series of unpredictable moments.

There will be a time when we are at our happiest points. On the other hand, there is also sad moments. This cycle will happen throughout our life.

I think, we, human are not designed to be 100% ready for everything but I believe that in every dark road, there will be a light.

Everyone has their own coping mechanism. It is not about being strong or weak. Because at the end, nobody is 100% prepared for the future.

What should we do when we have a chance to be in our lowest point? Well, here is some advice how to get through it. It is not perfect, but it is indeed what I gain from my own experience.

1. Know what the problem is

By knowing what kind of challenge you are dealing with, you will learn easier how to cope with it. Don’t be surprised if sometimes the real problem is your own assumption. Because too much assuming kills.

2. Forgive but don’t forget

Most people think that we forgive to make others life easier. But the truth is when you forgive, you do a big favor to yourself. You give a chance to your soul to be free from bitterness.

However, don’t forget. It is not that you want to keep the grudge. Don’t. But remember that what has happened can be a lesson for you in the future.

3. Be grateful

Don’t be grateful because everything is perfect but be grateful because you have the chance to experience hardship. Try to see the positive side (I know it’s hard)

4. Keep working

Look at that clock on your living room (or basically anywhere). Is it moving? YES. Then DON’T STOP WORKING! Life will not wait for you. If you lock yourself in a wardrobe or bathroom, cry and contemplate about life, your problem won’t be solved.

No matter how bitter your heart is, keep working.

Make yourself busy until you forget about the sorrow!

5. Believe that things will get better

Life isn’t all in your control and even if you have done your best, bad things can still happen. But don’t let your heart be troubled. Do your best, pray, and surrender what will happen next to God, or the Highest Power (or basically anything you believe in).

Sometimes, I really hope that nobody experiences pain. But how can you cherish the presence of rainbow, if you haven’t experience storm before?

Lastly, take a deep breath. It will be alright 😊🌈

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  1. Great points and amazing post. Well written

  2. My pleasure Abigail

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