Recently, I received some messages asking particularly the same question:

“How to be an au pair in Denmark?”

Denmark is one of the easiest countries to apply as an au pair. We don’t need to prepare complicated documents that need to be signed by the authority in our home country. Additionally, the application is online. So, after submitting the required documents and paying the processing fee, there you go! Your application is ready and you just need to wait for an answer.

Bear in mind that I am a non-EU citizen. So for those who come from EU, your application process might be different and even easier.

So, here are the steps to become an au pair in Denmark:


Before you start imagining yourself living in the happiest country in the world as an au pair, you should think about how you get there.

Your au pair profile is definitely an essential part to find a host family. DO NOT COPY PASTE YOUR WORDS here and there! Come on guys, if you really want it then you should make an effort for it.

Put some pictures of you with children, can be your student, neighbor, nephew, niece, etc. DO NOT ONLY PUT YOUR SELFIE! Because host families are looking for au pairs, not models 😛

Make some bullet points or paragraphs to make it easy to read. DO NOT WRITE THESE THINGS: I am willing to do more than what is asked, I am willing to clean the whole house and the tennis court as well. Ha! It may be hard to find a host family but please please know your worth. Remember you want to be an AU PAIR and not AU MAID!

After this step, don’t forget to send a personal message to every host family you’re interested in. Make sure you also furnish your personal letter for each of them and once again: DO NOT COPY PASTE.


After you find a host family who suits you, you need to prepare the required documents which are:

  • Receipt of processing fee*
  • Copy of all pages of your passport (Literally every single page)
  • Copy of all your educational documents (I submitted a copy of my bachelor certificate)
  • Copy of your birth certificate (Translated to English)
  • Au Pair Contract (Application form AU1)

*an amount of DKK 2755 must be paid (In my case, my host family paid it all. It can also be 50-50 or you need to pay it all yourself)


There are two ways to submit your documents:

*First of all, you need to book an appointment at Book an appointment – SIRI

*SIRI’s (Citizen Centre) address:

The Citizen Centre 
Njalsgade 72C
2300 Copenhagen S

*Opening hours: 

Monday        8.30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Tuesday        closed
Wednesday  10a.m. – 5 p.m.
Thursday      8.30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Friday           closed

BIOMETRIC (Fingerprints, Photo, and Signature)

If you apply online from your home country, then you need to submit your biometric in a Danish Diplomatic mission or embassy no later than 14 days after you submit your application.

If you apply when you are already in Denmark, your biometric will be recorded when you submit your application to the Citizen Center (SIRI).

After you finish all the steps above then you will need to wait for an answer. It can be granted or not.

Remember that the au pair scheme is designed for cultural exchange. So if your background and intention aren’t in line with that, the chance is your visa won’t be granted. 

Should you need further information, kindly contact:

The website says it could take approximately 3 months until you receive an answer. In my case, I got the answer in less than a month.

Best of luck 🙂

Another information: Step by step to become an Au Pair in Sweden

Abigail Tessa