Step by step to become an Au Pair in Sweden

On my last post, I briefly explained about the steps you need to take to be an au pair in Denmark. Here’s the link: How to be an Au Pair in Denmark?

For now, I would like to give a short (probably :P) and simple explanation about how to apply as an au pair in Sweden.

My purpose in writing all of this guidance is simply because I know that there are many agents and scammers out there who try to take advantages from an au pair wannabe. The truth is countries in Scandinavia provide a very simple online application process for au pair. An au pair is only obligated to pay for the application process and in some cases, the host family will be willing to pay for it. Another thing that needs to be paid is a return/one-way ticket but then again this can always be discussed with your future host family.

I still need to mention that I am a Non-EU citizen and I apply for a residence permit as an au pair in Sweden when I was still in my home country, Indonesia.


So, here are the steps to become an au pair in Sweden:


Why is this site very popular? It is because it is both free and reliable. Everything that is free is good for your mind, your soul, and your pocket 😀

There are also some other websites that you can simply find by browsing here Au pair sites


Imagine yourself as a host family, what kind of information would you like to see?

Often I saw people with great selfies, showing off their body or best clothes. If I were a mom looking for an au pair for my kids, I wouldn’t choose that kind of au pairs. Perhaps if I were an agent from a modeling company, I would do differently.

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Put photos with kids, explain your best experiences and personality traits. EXPLAIN NOT MENTION. Do not just say “I like to be with kids” but try to tell more about your experience in babysitting, teaching, volunteering, etc.

Do send personal messages to the host family. DO NOT JUST WAIT FOR THEM TO SEND IT FIRST. If you are coming from countries outside Europe, the chance is a host family will think twice to choose you since they need to take care of the visa, tickets, and other documents needed. So try to reach them. Someone I know even needed to send up to 200 messages to many different host families until she one the one who wanted to inv*ite her. If you really want it then don’t give up easily.


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  • have a valid passport (that will expire at least one year ahead)
  • be 18–30 years old
  • show that you have a definite interest in or use for Swedish language studies
  • have a certificate of admission to studies in Swedish
  • have a written job offer from a family in Sweden, indicating that you will be doing light housework for no more than 25 hours per week
  • not bring any family members with you


Here are the documents needed:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Au Pair Contract
  • A certificate of admission to a Swedish language school
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Copy of your passport

“You cannot obtain a work permit for longer than your passport’s period of validity”. If your passport will expire six months later, it is better to renew it first. It is because the application process can take up to 5 months. So it is possible that your passport will expire at the time when your application is processed which will make your application be rejected.

Au Pair Contract

There is no format presented by the Swedish authority regarding the au pair contract so you can download it from Au Pair Contract – Au pair world

The contract can be attached together with an invitation letter from host family (1 page) and a proof that your host family pays tax in Sweden (from Skatteverket).

A certificate of admission to a Swedish language school

There are many language schools that provide a Swedish course but I want to recommend Folkuniversitetet. You can apply by yourself online or ask your host family to apply it for you. YOU OR YOUR HOST FAMILY DO NEED TO PAY ANYTHING to book the course since there is a probability that your visa will get rejected.

You can apply on this link Folkunivesitetet for Swedish Course (ENG)


The visa application process can be done online at Migrationsverket – Au pair

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You need to pay an amount of SEK 1000 for your visa to be processed. You can also ask your host family to pay it if they want to. You need to pay using Credit Card, MasterCard, Visa, etc. It can’t be paid via bank transfer.

There will be a form that needs to be filled. One of the questions is about why you want to be an au pair.

Remember that au pair is a cultural exchange program and therefore your background and reasons need to be in line with that.

After you apply, you need to wait for a decision. The average waiting time is around 3 to 5 months (Based on the information I got from friends).

I truly hope that this guidance will be helpful and more importantly will help you not to get scammed. As long as you want to look for more information, you can always try to do it your own rather than paying agents to help you to do it.

*Further information can be taken from Migrationsverket – Application Au pair Sweden

Best of luck <3

Another information: How to be an Au Pair in Denmark

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  1. April ann torres says:

    Your so nice you help others so much specially to those who want to be an au pair. But I also have a question is it possible to be an au pair if you are more than 30 years old.? Im already 33 years old and im planning to be an au pair. Can you help me with that. Tia.

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