I started to like photography when I was in university. I don´t remember when exactly I started to like capturing photos of flowers but it has become one of my favorite objects for photography.

Long story short, I decided to write a blog post. It was an ordinary day and I got stuck in a bus on the way to work. Getting bored with the situation, I decided to access the internet and make the most out of it by blogging.

Why bottle of carnations ?

I have deleted my previous blog name and temporarily changed it into abigail tessa. However, I miss my old blog name.

Carnation is a kind of flower that you will find ordinary yet colorful. It seems paper-like and might not be that luxury kind of flowers that you will see. But I love it.

I chose the word bottle (or actually a vase :P) because I like the idea that I don´t have one single carnation flower but rather several colorful carnations.

I also truly hope that I can share interesting and beneficial information on my blog and I hope it somehow adds color to your perspective. Just like how this bottle of carnations has done to me.

Happy blogging and happy reading <3


Abigail Tessa