She is basically just an ordinary person and as an ordinary person, she has her own thought, feeling, and personality. From the outside, she looks as tough as a rock. She is. But she can also be very emotional sometimes.

She was born in a country where the temperature never goes below 25-degree celsius. She loved the sun, of course, but she’s also yearning to see those small white particles, called snow. So she packed her bag and traveled to another part of the earth.

It is, of course, lovely, to see such view of a completely different country. Everything was different. The people, the culture, the way the transportation integrated, the smell of coffee and perfectly baked bread. They all gave a completely new perspective to this brown skinned (cinnamon-like) woman.

However, after the honeymoon period ended, she faced challenges. It was a stressful, crazy, mental-breakdown situation. But since she still wanted to stay then, of course, the choice was to toughen up.

People seemed not to be that nice anymore. The landscape seemed too boring to see. Food tasted bland. In other words, this woman missed the place where she came from.

Fortunately, everything that goes down in life, will finally find its way up.

So this tropical woman has chosen to write her own story. After all, every human is given a chance to choose what is best for them.

She decided that life doesn’t just happen but we, human, are also responsible for our actions. There are things to be done and there are also things that are out of our control. We can do our best but there is also a time where we can only have faith, hoping that everything will be okay.

Instead of waiting and wondering, she chooses to do her best part every day.  She believes it is better to change one’s perspective than changing the whole world. It is of course, impossible.

As she chooses to see her story in a different way, everything has become more realistic but also still bearable.

People are, after all, just people. They can be good or bad. Or even sometimes in between. The sunset is still beautiful after a tough day, only if we decide to let go of our burden first and enjoy that moment a little while. The smell of coffee and bread is still perfect. However, it will turn bad if we enjoy it while having negative thoughts in mind.

So life in a foreign country is simple and enjoyable. Only if we want to learn how to live it.

Abigail Tessa