Nordhavn, Copenhagen

I think, it is normal that people get bored with their daily activities. Not that we hate our life but it is more about the fact that sometimes we forget about the chance that we have everyday. We forget that even though we need to do the same thing all over again, the ability and chance to keep doing them is indeed a blessing.

Yesterday I was walking pass through a train station, walking home from a library nearby and thougt “Omg, I had such a boring weekend. I even spent it to learn Danish in the library”. Thankfully it was only a second for me to remember that some other weekends have been totally awesome. Last week, a friend of mine invited me to have some drinks at Brønnum, a fancy place to drink in Copenhagen and also to eat dinner. The best part is that since her host dad kinda owns both place, it was all for free. The Sunday after, my friends and I celebrated Denmark’s Sankt Hans in a very nice garden called Frederiksberg Have. It was indeed a nice weekend.

When I thought about that I realize that sometimes a single drop of a negative thought can actually make us think that we have a bad boring life.

So today I want to make some list of things that I am grateful about, to beat my own negative thoughts 🙂

  1. Faith
  2. My mom
  3. A patient and wise man I call boyfriend
  4. Friends I can laugh with
  5. My nice host
  6. Born and raised in Indonesia
  7. A chance to pursue education
  8. Being in Europe now
  9. My residence permit in Europe
  10. Ability to travel in EU
  11. A comfortable room to sleep in
  12. A healthy body
  13. Ability to swim
  14. My perseverance
  15. My courage
  16. Some unlucky experience that makes me learn more about life
  17. The chance to experience the four seasons in Europe
  18. Ability as an amateur cook
  19. Chance to taste Indonesian food while away from home
  20. Indomie
  21. Coffee
  22. Chance to access an automatic coffee maker everyday
  23. Muesli (I don’t really like cereals eaten alone)
  24. White Bread
  25. Good Books
  26. J.K. Rowling for writing Harry Potter
  27. H&M
  28. My stuffed animal called Tiger (from man I mention earlier)
  29. A lake nearby my host’s house
  30. The warm sun in a nice summer day

I just hope that I will always easily remember all the good things when I start complaining. For those of you who are struck by your own negative thoughts, perhaps making list like this can help you out.

Have a great summer!

A picture of me relaxing by a beach

P.S.: There are surely more list that I can write, but before it gets too random, I’ll just stop at 30 ;P

Abigail Tessa