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Tentang Penulis

Hallo 😊

My name is Abigail Tessa, a blogger enthusiast who is currently residing in Germany to join a volunteering program called FSJ. Before Germany, I lived in two Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Sweden, as an au pair.

Cerita von Eropa is my new project, inspired by the stories I heard and I have had myself in Europe.

Through Cerita von Eropa, I would like to share my story to all of you, especially those whose biggest dream is to live life in the so-called Benua Biru.

Whatever your dream is, I truly hope it gets clearer and stronger after reading Cerita von Eropa.

Written with passion,

Abigail Tessa – Cerita von Eropa

0 thoughts on “Tentang Penulis

  1. Halo Melisa 🙂 visa Swedia itu ngga sulit, tapi lama masa tunggunya. Pengalamanku aku nunggu 3 bulan. Dari ku sendiri, pilih Swedia karena proses dokumennya ga ribet, semuanya bisa online. Tapi kalau mau lanjut kuliah, aku sarankan pilih Jerman, karena banyak pilhan di sana 🙂

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